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Beach, Tropical and Surf Decor for your Home
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Throw Pillows Can Be A Great Way To Boost Your Coastal Decor

Hooked Coral Pillow
Whether you want a seasonal shake-up or you're looking for a trendy, vibrant change, it is easy to do with throw pillows. Pillows are an inexpensive way to make an impact on a room, and because they're not a big commitment like furniture or lighting, you don't have to be afraid to change them often.

Stuck inside? If you are looking to give your home a summer feel, you can do so by bringing the outside in. Beach inspired and coastal throw pillows will bring the feel of the outdoors in. If you can't make it to the shore this summer, you might as well have a little of it in your home. Even bright colorful and floral patterns can help bring in the sunshine.

Palm Tree Canvas Pillow
Prefer to spend your time outdoors? Well that doesn't mean you should drop the ball (err... pillow that is)! Create your own personal beach side haven with tropical canvas pillows. Small touches can make a big impression!

Feeling a little square? Well there is more to throw pillows that just being square. There are all kinds of shaped pillows out there, and there is a right one for you, whether you're long and lean, have a sparkle in your eye, or are ready to roll out. Looking for just the right amount of fluff? Try a feather down pillow. They give all the comfort you're looking for yet still have style.

Fish Pillow
Want to add a little fun into your family room or bedroom? Getting fun shaped animal pillows is a great way to start. They give your room a certain spunk that not everyone has. Not to mention they are kid-friendly as well! Of course the best throw pillows are the ones that express your personality. Whether you feeling like relaxing by the shore or ready to hit the surf, the right throw pillow can set the mood!

Regardless of your decorating dilemma this summer, adding a few fun throw pillows can solve your problem in a jiffy.  Especially when you are looking to bring the beach home. Whatever you decide to do, don't toss this idea out!

Article Author: Rebecca McKeich
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