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Beach, Tropical and Surf Decor for your Home
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The Long And Short About Surfboard Rugs

Tired of boring accent rugs that just lay there and do nothing for your interior style? Try a new trend of accent rugs, surfboard rugs. They will enhance your beach decor and become a real beauty in your home.

With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect one for your home. If you're wondering where you would put one, the answer is everywhere. No matter what room you use one in, it's sure to become a conversation piece. If you have a long and narrow bathroom, a longboard rug would be perfect, or even in hallway. Use short board rugs in your kitchen by the sink or as a welcome mat at the front door. You will quickly find the possibilities are limitless for where you can place these tropical rugs.

Another place they look great is on your patio. Have a pool? This is the ideal place to use one of these great decorations. You can put one just inside of the doors so that no one ever comes in and slips on the floors from having wet feet. You'll also be able to protect your hardwood floors or carpeting this way.

You can choose from the classic patterns that resemble a real surfboard or sweet hibiscus patterns for girls and flame patterns for boys. Kids will love having these rugs in their bedroom. They can pretend they are actually surfing. All their friends will want a surfboard rug too.

Just imagine all the fun you will have decorating your home with surfboard rugs. The possibilities are endless with the styles and sizes to choose from, not to mention all the places you can use them. With summer coming, adding this classic beach icon will be perfect touch to your home.

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