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Beach, Tropical and Surf Decor for your Home
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Get Nautical In Your Bedroom

When people think of beach or coastal decor they often overlook nautical decor. Not only is the nautical style just as popular, but it is a classic style with modern twists. Get sailing-inspired touches such as striped fabrics, boating memorabilia, and a classic palette of red, white, and blue.

When it comes to nautical bedding, classic stripe and quilted patterns are the way to go. Various shades of blues, reds and whites are the main colors. Images of boats, anchors, ship wheels, life rings, and oars are adorned on the pillows and quilts. You can add a little vintage style with faded canvas pillows of old seaside scenes. Stay with the vintage theme and keep with darker blues and vintage whites.

As we've said, boating related items are going to be the most popular accents items. If you live near or around a beach town, go to local garage and yard sales. You may be able to find old boating lanterns, wooden sail boats, compasses, or possibly furniture from an old ship. These items will help you elevate your nautical decor and add a beautiful vintage touch.

If you want to go the modern route, there are contemporary pieces you can find as well. Shelving units in the shape of a rowing boat are a great way to give that seafaring feel while being useful at the same time. You can find large ones that are as tall as you, or a small one that are around 2 feet tall. Hanging a polished ship's wheel on the wall is another sleek modern tip.

To tie the room together, add rustic lighthouse lamps for your bedside. Candle holders wrapped with twine rope would make a great addition to the room as well. Adding one of those ships in a glass bottle in a classic timeless accent.

Get on board with the nautical style and add it to your bedroom. From small touches or a entire room, the nautical accents will give your room a classic feel that is sure not go out of style. You can have fun creating your style with yard sale finds and do it yourself projects.

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