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Decorating With Seashells - Tips and Tricks

You can give any room in your home a beach-inspired look with sea shells and sea life. Sea life wall decor can range from whimsical to elegant, depending on the room style. For anyone who is crafty, you can make your own decorations to add that personal touch.

Decals, stencils or removable seashell cutouts can be used to create a playful look as well as adding elegant detailing to a wall or furnishings or craft project. Sea life can include vibrantly colored fish, sea turtle, seashells and plants just to name a few.

To add seashells into your room decor you can go to a local craft store, tourist boutique or shop online for the exact shells you want. If you are going on vacation or live near the beach, you can use shells that you have collected. Just be sure to clean them well first with a mixture of 50 percent household bleach and 50 percent water. Soak the shell in the solution for 24 hours to remove any remnants. Then rinse the shell thoroughly in running water. Scrub gently with an old toothbrush and mild dishwashing soap and allow the shell to dry completely.

Decorating with seashells is simple; a touch of creativity and having a general idea is all you need to get a start. You can easily create a new take on country decorating by using 3 different sized jars, filling them with a little bit of sand and dropping the shells on top of the sand giving them a little shake and decoratively align the jars on a shelf or table for a pretty coastal vignette. For a different spin, use pebbles instead of sand, include starfish or sand dollars or maybe some sea glass.

Another simple idea to create your own decor is with a picture frame. Hot glue small seashells or sea glass to a wooden picture frame. You can accent one or two corners or decorate the entire frame. Place bowls of seashells, starfish and coral on a coffee table, counter or dining table to create a simple display of still life.

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