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Beach, Tropical and Surf Decor for your Home
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Brighten A Room With Tropical Area Rugs

Does it seem like a room in your home is missing something? Take a look at the floor. Nothing? That's because often when decorating, the floor gets left behind or forgotten about. Adding a coastal or tropical area rug is sure to do the trick.

Some people gasp at the idea of putting an area rug in their dining room. With all the opportunities for food or drink to be spilled, I can understand your concern. However these days it is extremely easy to clean up a tiny mess, if one should happen to occur. Most area rugs come with specific cleaning instructions that are for that particular rug. Let go of your spilling fears. Also having a beautiful beach inspired rug under your dining room table will make for a great conversation starter when everyone is sitting down to dinner, and showcase what great decorating style you have.

Often long hallways lack the charm that the rest of your home already exudes. By adding a bright seashell rug runner, the hallway will instantly feel brighter. You may think that runner rugs aren't common and hard to find, but that is far from the truth. Often manufacturers will make a runner version of an already-popular large area rug or make a runner that accents to the larger one. Beach inspired rug runners are easy to find especially since we are in spring and summer is on the way.

Speaking of warmer months, with the weather heating up, you are going to be spending more time outside. You may notice that your patio or porch is looking slightly dreary. Many coastal area rugs are made for outdoor use. Just ask when you find a pattern you like. Chances are they are made for outside but don't always mention it. Nautical area rugs would be great if you are overlooking a dock or lakeside. If you can, coordinate with your surroundings; they will compliment each other.

Remember when choosing area rugs to measure the area you are looking to cover. Area rugs come in several shapes and sizes. Regardless of the size of your space, there is sure to be the right size rug to fit you room.

Not only do area rugs help add life and color to a part of the room you once forgot about, but they are one the easiest and quickest ways to give a room a small makeover. The possibilities are endless with all the options of rugs, sizes and places to put them. Keep up the trend with your beach or coastal decor and enjoy the new feeling you will have on your feet.

Article Author: Rebecca McKeich
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