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Beach, Tropical and Surf Decor for your Home
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Ocean Decor By Colors

Colors are as important to the style of a room as the decor itself. The colors you select for your decor will set the mood of the entire space. Studies have shown the effect it has on our health and way of thinking. If you love the beach and the ocean, then bright color schemes can be a great place to start. Common colors you would typically find while spending a day at the beach would be blues, whites, beige, tan, reds, browns, greens and various shades of each.

Thinking back to a day spent oceanside, what comes to mind is a walk along the water in the sand. Water is of a bright blue with a hint of green that I have seen often in sea glass, the beach is sandy beige, a pier of dark distressed wood, lifeguard tower in a brilliant white, sea grass in greens and beige, a lifesaver is in bright red and crisp white, the bright blue sky and the warming sun. This is where the inspiration comes from, now to find the decor to bring those colors into a home.

Blue and white are soothing and serene colors that often reminding us of the sky or sea. Everything nautical is represented with a strong blue color scheme combined with brilliant white and touches of a sandy tan. For the small finishing touches, add some red to the color scheme. Red is often used for toiles and checks, but when used in ocean decor it adds some contemporary flair as well as stimulating the mind.

An interior palette of whites is often associated with the beach; this bright look can be balanced with pillows, sisal rugs and other ocean themed accessories. White goes well with every color, a perfect complement to make your colors pop.

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Green and white together give off a relaxing vibe, garden-inspired greens can add that punch of color when surrounded by white and tans. Variations of green including a popular muted green can often be found in toile fabrics.

Brown in darker tones are less common but is quickly becoming a popular favorite. When using dark browns, lots of white is needed to balance it out. Lighter browns to beiges and tans, ivory and even muted yellows are simple and ideal for ocean themed decor.

Photo credit: Coastal Living
If the darker shades of brown aren't for you, a lighter tan color might be just what you are looking for. Add a touch of neutral colors from a medium saddle tan to a pale sandy tone that will add the look and feel of sand, perfect for walls with bright white molding.

Photo credit: Coastal Living
Pastels in hues of greens, pinks and pale blues complement each other well making it easy to mix and match with whites, beige, greens and many other color combinations. Pastels go wonderfully with white, consider pinks, yellows, oranges, pale greens, baby blues, and aqua.

Express your own sense of color to any space; there is no one color that is best for ocean decor. Whether you wish to create a calming space of soft neutrals or enjoy deep colors with interesting coordinates. You will want to include some of your favorite colors and decor pieces while creating a cool fresh feeling.

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