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Facebook Interest Lists - How to see what YOU want to see

Have you started noticing lately that you are no longer seeing Facebook updates from some (or many) of the pages that you like? Or even from people you are friends with? Have you also noticed that you are seeing more and more "Sponsored Posts", ads and "Suggested Pages" instead? If so, you're not alone. Facebook has made some changes recently to what it shows you in your news feed and many people are not happy.

But you're in luck. I have found a way to guarantee that you see and hear from pages and friends you like - and it's really easy! Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial:

Create one or more Interest Lists
1. On your Facebook news feed page, scroll to the bottom of the left-hand column. You will see a section called Interests.

2. Click on "Add Interests..." On the following page, you will see, in the center column, a button that says +Create List. Click it.

3. Next, a page with all of your friends, pages you like, and people you follow will appear.

4. Scroll through and click to select pages or people to add to your Interest List. A check will appear on the profile image so you know it has been selected. (Hopefully you will add our Ocean Styles FB page)

5. Or, you can type the name of the page you are looking for into the search box at the top right hand corner.

6. Keep clicking to add pages or people until your list is complete. When you are finished, click the NEXT button at the bottom right.

7. Now it's time to name your list. Keep in mind, you can create multiple Interest Lists according to criteria you want. So name it accordingly. You can also decide whether you want your list to be private, public (so others can follow it) or just seen by your friends. That is totally up to you.

Make your new Interest Lists easy to find and see
So now you've created your Interest List (told you it was easy!). But, remember from the beginning, your Interests are listed all the way at the bottom of the left-hand column. That's not too convenient. So let's fix it.

8. Once again, scroll to the bottom of the left column and find your Interest List. Hover over it with your mouse and when the Edit pencil appears, give that a click. A drop-down menu will appear with the option to "Add To Favorites". Click that.

9. Now your new Interest List will appear at the top of your news feed under Favorites where it will be easier to find and read.

How to add new pages you like to existing Interest Lists
10. From the Facebook page, click the Like button. Then click the down arrow on the Liked Button and click "Add to Interest Lists". A new menu will pop up letting you choose which list(s) you want to add the page to.

Using this simple trick, I now see EVERYTHING I want to see on Facebook. You can even view your Interest List feeds from your smartphone or tablet.