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Beach, Tropical and Surf Decor for your Home
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Decorating Your Home With Small Accents Of The Sea

Adding the finishing touches to your home decor can be a fun and simple process. Once you have decided on the theme for the home or room and have put your decor into place, you will want to finish the overall look and feel with the small home accents. The small accents can make a huge impact on the decor, take your time and plan out what you wish to include in your home decor.

In this case we are dealing with a seaside theme. One option is to place candles in a bowl of seashells. Place sand or pebbles into a glass container and artfully place them throughout the home. Introduce natural plant elements throughout the home by filling vases with grass or bamboo.

Beach and coastal decor tends to be light and airy, reminiscent of sunny, lazy days. Simple ways to add life to a room is by the use of wicker or woven rope baskets. Fill them with complementing colored towels or seashells depending on what room you are adding them to.

Incorporate driftwood throughout the home, whether it is a piece you found while walking along the ocean or an item you purchased. Driftwood keeps that relaxing ocean feeling alive; there are plenty of ways to use driftwood as an accent or centerpiece allowing you to bring a piece of the outdoors in.

Using beautiful garland that features seashells and sea glass on a nautical rope is versatile and adds a great amount of decor to any space. A few other small accent ideas include wall art, sculptures, wall hooks, sea themed coasters, mirrors, table accents. These are just a few to help tie the coastal decor together and complete the room.

There are several universal elements to coastal or sea themed decorating. Combining natural colors will capture the beauty of the coast. The use of wooden or antiqued decor pieces will create an inviting space. Give your room some dimension by adding bamboo or driftwood accents and incorporate some light blues or coral print accents such as pillows and decorative lamps. Feel the satisfaction you get from creating the look you have always wanted, a perfect space for the beach or ocean lover.

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