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Beach, Tropical and Surf Decor for your Home
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Cover Those Bare Walls With Beautiful Beach Art Work

Do your walls seem to be looking a little bare these days? The best way to solve that problem is beautiful beach wall art. From do it yourself craft projects to fine art painted by a professional, the options are endless to choose from.

If your budget is tight right now, but you still need some color on the walls, there are a few craft projects you can do to create your own beautiful beach wall art. Go to your local craft store and pick up a 12" x 12" canvas, paint and glue. While there check out the selection of ocean related products. You will be able to find real starfish in almost any craft store, as well as seashells and a seaweed like product. If you happen to live near the beach you can get your own seashells and supplies for free, even sand. Once you have all your desired items, lay out newspaper and go at it. There is no wrong or right way when it comes to creating art. Let your imagination soar, and be inspired by your favorite parts of the sea.

Not exactly the crafty type but still a little tight on the wallet strings? There are inexpensive items available that bring the beauty of the beach into your home. Small wood wall signs are extremely popular and often adorn cute sayings like "Home Is Where The Beach Is" or a subway-style design with beach inspired words. They add a pop of color to your walls and bring a scene of the beach as well. If you are looking to stay more with the art theme, try looking for box signs or stretch canvases. Soft ocean scenes and colorful beachscapes are recreated on these less pricey items. Since they are not the original artwork, they are more affordable.

If you are strictly looking for original pieces of beach art, I suggest looking in your hometown first. Of course this helps if you live near the ocean. It is a great thing to support your local artists. They also might specialize in showing off the beaches in your area, maybe even your favorite spot. It would be harder to find a professional piece by someone who is not from your area that specializes in your local beaches. Check out local green markets and art festivals to see what you can find. A widely known beach artist is Scott Westmoreland. His artwork can been seen all over and often features vintage Woody cars and surf themes. Owning one of his pieces is a must for any beach lover.

You can't go wrong when it comes to beautiful beach art. From creating your own to purchasing a one of a kind painting, adding beach art into your home most certainly brightens your home. Although there no is piece of art as beautiful as the ocean itself.

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