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Beach, Tropical and Surf Decor for your Home
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Coastal Furniture Is Great For A Summer Home

When it comes to coastal style decorating, nothing pulls the eye and gets the attention more than furniture. The exception to this is the bedroom and bathroom. Every room should have a focal point and the decor that is used in the room should complement it. The ultimate goal is to find a look that fits the needs, one that is warm and comfortable.

If a tropical or beach decorating theme is what you want to create, you will want to incorporate coastal elements from nature. Coastal and cottage furniture are similar and work well together and found in wood, wrought-iron, rattan and wicker. Often times the furniture is in brilliant white, black, distressed colors, natural or weathered look.

Coastal furniture should create a comfortable yet stylish atmosphere; fabrics feature stripes, floral or checked pattern. The furniture should also give a room a sense of strength and sensibility while achieving a feel of casual harmony.

Select furniture that reflects your style. Make sure it is one that you will find welcoming coming home after a long day at work. Overstuffed cushions will not only add comfort, warmth and relaxation but will boast the colors or patterns that accent the cushions.

Balancing the natural and neutral textures in coastal furniture and home decor creates a light and breezy feel to any room. Light cotton fabrics, stripe patterns, wicker baskets and grassy mats are a great way to add texture to any space. Coastal furniture can work in any room in any home; it isn't just for bathrooms or homes near the ocean.

The key to successful decorating is remembering that less is more. Creating a coastal theme is fairly easy, when done correctly; it becomes a charming and relaxing space.

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