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About Us

Based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Ocean Styles is a small company... Very small. In fact, it's just me.

My name is Rebecca McKeich and I am Ocean Styles. I am the owner, CEO, CFO, web site designer, purchasing manager, customer service rep, bookkeeper, shipper, receptionist and day laborer for Ocean Styles.

I started Ocean Styles in 2008 out of a love for everything beach related and as a means to hopefully be able to quit the 8-5 daily grind to spend more time with my infant son (he's 7 now!). His name is Dylan, which is Welsh in origin and loosely means "Son of the Waves" or "Son of the Sea". This is a picture of me and him at (where else?) the beach.

You may be asking yourself if you feel comfortable making a purchase from such a small company. Well, what I lack in support staff, I more than make up for in personal service and commitment to my customers, my business and my reputation. Every inquiry, every customer, every order that I get is of utmost importance to me. No matter what contact email address you use, whether it be, or any other, you're going to get me. I answer all questions, emails, phone calls personally. Who else would do it? If you have questions about a product, if you're searching for something special, or if you need help with a delivery time, I will do everything I possibly can to make sure you find what you are looking for.

Warmest Regards,
Rebecca McKeich
Ocean Styles

Update 2012:
Since writing the above "About Us" letter, my little company has grown by leaps and bounds. I've been able to realize my dream of working for myself. My husband kicked me (well, the company) out of the house since all of the inventory was taking over every room. So we now operate out of our new professional office/warehouse space instead of my guest bedroom.

I also now have a wonderful assistant, Beth McKeich. She is my husband's cousin (nepotism be darned!), and helps me out with a lot of my day-to-day responsibilities such as receiving, inputting and shipping orders, answering the phone and customer inquiries when I'm not available, etc.

Finally, we also now have 2 other web retail sites in addition to Ocean Styles. If you, or someone you know, is looking for lake house or cabin home decor, I invite you to check out Log Cabin Styles. In addition, we have another site that specializes in extensive bedding selections of all styles and colors. If you are looking for a new bedding set and don't find what you need here, please visit Atlantic Linens to see what else we may have to offer you. In the next year or so, I am planning on launching at least two more niche retail websites as well. Busy busy busy!